Boat engines and trailers for your Eduardono

Engines / Trailers

Choose the engine for your fishing boat

Financing available on all engines but we have to install for warranty purposes. More models available.

Engine prices do not include rigging costs such as propeller, helm, cables, filters, batteries, hydraulic vs manual steering, labor, misc.

NOTE: Engines cannot be purchased outright. Special posted pricing is only available when purchasing/rigging one of MyLastBoat’s pangas with an engine.


Suzuki 2023 DF90ATXW5 White $8,871
Suzuki 2023 DF115BTXW5 White $11,113
Suzuki 2023 DF140BTXW5 White $11,965
Suzuki 2023 DF150ATXW5 White $13,409
Suzuki 2023 DF200ATXW5 White $16,289
Suzuki 2023 DF250TXW5 White $20,513
Suzuki 2023 DF300BTXW5 White $24,790

Magic Tilt Trailers – Custom fit for each boat

22′ $4,189 Aluminum single torsion axle. No brakes.
25′ $5,984 Aluminum tandem torsion axles. No brakes.
NOTE: Add brakes for $535 per axle. $300 for second axle.
28′ TBD Aluminum tandem axle trailer with one set of brakes.
32′ TBD Aluminum triple axle trailer with two set of brakes.