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Eduardono Panga

“The Most Versatile Boat You Will Ever Fish!” ™

Mylastboat.com is honored to be a distributor for one of the original Panga manufacturers, Eduardono, based in Colombia, South America. Yamaha motor company, who originated the Panga design spanning from Asia to South America, formulated a commercial alliance with Eduardono in the early 1970s that continues today.

Although many companies try copy or modify the benefits of the Panga design, there are only a few originals and Eduardono is one of them. Wouldn’t you prefer an original with a history spanning more than fifty years?

Panga fishing boats


MyLastBoat is proud to offer fishermen and families one of the most versatile boats a person could own. Whether you prefer extreme shallow water sight casting for redfish or trout or running offshore to the Bahamas, this is the boat that can do it all while being very fuel efficient.
This versatility was the goal of Yamaha.

Eduardono Panga Fishing Boats